High Gear Jewelry is based in the beautiful Hudson Valley and was created by Alissa Rose Theodor who is a stay-at-home mom of a 2 year old boy. Not only does she love her son and husband with all her heart, but she has a very strong passion for designing one-of-a-kind unique steampunk inspired jewelry.

Her creativity and drive to become a jewelry artist was inspired by her late grandmother, Janice. When Alissa was a little girl she would rummage through her grandmother’s drawer until she found the most perfect “imperfect” piece to wear.

Alissa uses lightweight mixed metal gear designs in each product.
She has always envisioned her jewelry to be “conversation pieces”. With Alissa’s unique designs, she certainly accomplished that goal. Let’s get your conversation started!

In the words of her grandmother, “Wear it well.”

Alissa is the Owner/Creative Director at Fine Design, which is an agency in the Hudson Valley.