Bathmate: Does Penis Pumps Works in 2020?

As you can see, this is David’s results after using Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme or HydroXtreme for 3 months. David is a subscriber on my YouTube channel, he sent me a video to show you his results.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme results. it can improve your penis and sex. Easy penis enlargement you can try NOW. Best-selling penis pumps in the world!

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I’ve created this video for educational purposes. For you to get a bigger penis, harder erections, longer sex, intense orgasms, and most importantly improve your sex life and make your partner more satisfied.

So far, I tested:
Penis Pumps.
Penis Extender.
Male Enhancement Pills.

If you try one of these penis enlargement methods, your penis size will change and you’ll get the size you want.

I did my search before using these methods and I guarantee it’s 100% working!


Bathmate is the world’s first hydro penis pump, using water pressure to develop penis size, improve stamina, blood flow and penile health. With over 1 million pumps sold worldwide, Bathmate is also the world’s leading penis pump brand.


Bathmate is simple to use. In the shower or bath, fill the pump with warm water, insert your penis and seal the pump to your body. Continue building the vacuum pressure by pumping out water, and you’ll soon feel Bathmate start to take effect. Use for up to 5 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a day for maximum gains.


The results of a Bathmate routine significantly vary depending on your biology and workout frequency. Some users have reported several inches of increased length/ girth after several months of regular use. They guarantee satisfying results, no matter what you’re expecting.


Bathmate was the first penis pump to use water instead of air. This completely changes the dynamics, delivering better results, making our pumps easier and more convenient to use, while ensuring that there’s no awkward preparation or cleanup.

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